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Rakhat Aliyev, the former Ambassador of Kazakhstan on IPO of Glencore International

To: All those wishing to purchase shares of «Glencore International»
London Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Financial Times
Wall Street Journal

I, Rakhat Aliyev, the former Ambassador of Kazakhstan, an émigré Kazakhstan politician, consider it my duty to pass some information known to me pertaining to the IPO of Glencore International to all interested parties.    
My knowledge of the situation is explained by the fact that for 25 years I had been married to the Daughter of Nazarbaev. I was in the inner circle of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev. I was privy to many of his secrets and I carried out Mr President's special assignments. In 2007 I ended my relashionships with him and became opposition, after which I was forced to flee to Europe from the Kazakhstan dictator's revenge.   
I state it with all confidence that the plans of Glencore International to invest the funds received from the initial public offering of shares on the London Stock Exchange in raising its share in the Kazakhstan companies KazZinc and ENRC may have catastrophic consequences for those investing in the company.
Glencore International has announced that the funds received from the IPO will be used for raising its share in a Kazakhstan company KazZinc from 50,7% to 93% and for buying a 26% stock in the company ENRC. I can confirm that the ultimate beneficiary of all these companies is the Preseident of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev. Mr's Utemuratov, Shodiev, Ibragimov and Mashkevich represent his interests in the companies mentioned above. I am prepared to produce necessary evidence and facts to support these claims.    
Mr Nazarbaev has autocratically ruled Kazakhstan for quarter a century now. The level of corruption in the country has reached record marks, which is recorded by international agencies. The fact the the President of the country is a secret owner of the largest companies – exporters of raw materials – is the most telling example of the level of corruption of the regime, which would be unthinkable in any civilised country. 
Perspective investors of the company Glencore International will, for all intents and purposes, credit a fraudster operation, the purpose of which is transferring criminal assets, which the Kazakhstan dictator has illegally acquired, into cash, and sending it abroad. These actions are in direct violation of both Kazakhstan and international law. It goes without saying that any government that will come to power after Nazarbaev will call in question the outcomes of this deal and will intend to return the stolen assets back to the national budget.    
It follows that commerical risks associated with investing in Glencore International’s stock are extraordinarily high, not to mention the costs of ethical nature. Today Nazarbaev’s regime controls Kazakhstan in a brute way. However, it is clear to everyone that the end of this regime is not far. By investing in Glencore International you invest in Nazarbaev the dictator, and in his criminal business. The recent events in many countries, from Tunisia to Egypt, demonstrate evidently just how risky and immoral such investments are.

Signed: Rakhat Aliyev, Leader of the Movement Alliance for Free Kazakhstan. 

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